Spiritual Scents by Shauna Aura Knight

Spiritual Scents: Creative Use of Scent and Fire in Ritual
Shauna Aura Knight
Jupiter Gardens Press, 2013
20 pages

Reviewed by Hilde

As more people discover they have intolerances and allergies the use of scents has become an increasingly important topic. The restrictions of many areas also make the use of live fire difficult or even completely unavailable. But limitations of attendees and venues need not be a worry for a facilitator willing to make some compromises. Knight bring her experience as both an attendee and a leader of ritual to provide alternatives for practitioners.

The majority of the alternatives the author offers are possibilities most people are already aware of, like using battery operated candles instead of wick candles or using water instead of oils. She also suggests the use of guided techniques to stimulate the mind into feeling and smelling what may not be physically available.

Even if there are restrictions with scent, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be used entirely. A little bit of organization, like splitting the smudging of sage between multiple people, can greatly reduce the amount of smoke. Substituting one sense for another is also an option, like using a rattle to cleanse with sound instead of cleansing with scent like smudging.

While I appreciate having all of these ideas readily available in one booklet, I didn’t see anything new or innovative. A little bit of common sense and creativity could easily lead a facilitator to choosing many of these options on their own.

Three pawprints out of five.

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