Pagan Book Reviews Going on Temporary Hiatus

*deeep breath*

So it’s been just about three years since I started this review blog–and it’s been awesome! I’ve gotten to read a lot of books that I normally might not have known about, and I’ve been able to share with others my thoughts and opinions (for whatever the individual deems them to be worth). In short, I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

Sadly, I have to put this blog on temporary hiatus. As you may be aware, I am currently working on a Master’s degree. This has, unsurprisingly, taken up increasing amounts of my time, particularly with all the reading required for my courses. This semester I need to be doing a lot of additional reading for my literature review for my thesis, the research and writing of which will occur next semester. This means that my time is incredibly tight, and unfortunately I find myself falling behind more and more with the review books I have on their own exclusive shelf.

So here’s my plan: these last books need to be reviewed, so I am going to recruit some folks to review most of them for me; I’ll be keeping on a few to finish up by the end of the year. All the reviews, including those by other people, will be posted here as I get them. I will not, however, be accepting new titles for review until further notice.

I am not going to keep on a cadre of reviewers to continue reviewing books for this blog largely because I don’t have the time to keep after people about getting reviews done, making sure books get where they need to be, editing the reviews, etc. I may, however, review the occasional relevant text I read as a part of my own personal enjoyment. My intent is to reassess my situation next summer once the bulk of my classwork–and, hopefully, my thesis–are done, and see whether I can pick this up again then. In the meantime, this site will be kept live, since I do ultimately want to get back to this once it’s feasible for me to do so.

Thank you for all the support, the comments, and the books over the past not-quite-three-years, and hopefully you’ll be hearing from me sooner rather than later!