As per the information passed on by the Wild Hunt regarding FTC regulation…

I do receive some books for review for free from publishers. Some of these are bound galleys; others are final copies. I have never been given any form of financial compensation by any publisher. The only compensation I have received has been from magazines that have paid me for the writing of reviews, a standard per-word or per-review fee. The only other ways I potentially make money related to reviews are: when people click on the “Want to buy this book?” link at the end of a review and then buy books, I get a very small kickback from Amazon for the referral, which goes to ship books to other reviewrs and to pay for the domain name renewal each year; while I keep some of the books, and give others away (including the bound galleys), when necessity requires me to cull my book collection, sometimes past review copies end up being taken to Powell’s or Amazon for sale or trade-in value. Other than that, nobody pays me anything for the reviews I do here on this blog.

Not all the books I review here were given to me by publishers; many are ones I simply bought myself. If you want to know about a specific title, feel free to contact me at whishthound (at) gmail.com


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