The Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck by Debbie A. Anderson

The Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Deck
Debbie A. Anderson

sw89 review The Vibrational Earth

Review by Eilfie L. Music.

This collection of cards with bright vibrant images is easy to understand and inter­pret. The Vibrational Deck in­troduces kids to the use of divination on a beginner’s level. With the help of an adult, the child can learn the simple spread given in the guide­book to start with, but hopefully build upon it as well.

The guidebook also addresses both the younger and older kids on how to use the oracle and even sug­gests starting out by looking at the cards before look­ing at the guide’s description of each card.

The cards are made of a durable UV coated cardboard and should not be too large for small hands to shuffle. They can easily read the cards as a spread or individually and create their own language with the cards. The cards are very play­ful and less intimidating than many more classic tarot decks. Each card has a blend of children in a mix of a bright world with real world activities and ideas. They focus on kid issues such as home, friendship, parents, and how to interact with the world around them, but the deck isn’t childish or off-putting to adults either. These cards help to work with someone trying to find a balance be­tween everyday and spiritual paths.

The deck does come with a lovely guidebook that gives short inter­pretations of each card, but it leaves room to develop your interpretation of each image as well. I recommend writing down your first thoughts before reading the guidebook to compare. I found these cards par­ticularly useful for personal readings to get a clear answer without feeling too bogged down with symbolism.

The Vibrational Energy Oracle deck would be a good beginner’s deck or suitable for someone who is looking for an upbeat, positive tool.

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