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Quadrivium Oils
Quadrivium Supplies
Assorted blends

Reviewed by Skyllaros

About a month ago I received a sampler pack of oils from Quadrivium Supplies http://www.quadrivium-supplies.com/). I wanted to take a good amount of time to thoroughly review them both for their quality as an oil, and have a chance to use them magically as well.

For those not familiar with Quadrivium, these oils are made for ritual magicians. Most people are familiar with Hoodoo oils, and these follow the same concept but seem to be made for practitioners of ritual magic in mind. Many of the oils are made based on the timing of astrological elections, lunar calendars, and planetary hours. They are made with natural ingredients.

First off let’s talk about the oils themselves. They came in little amber glass bottles, and let me tell you they smelled wonderful! They do not skimp on the ingredients! Each of them smelled sublime and very strong. One dab worn was almost too much. Eventually I started dabbing them on my pocket piece (High John the Conqueror root) in the morning instead of putting them on my person, which seemed a perfect comprimise. However each of the ones I tested smelled good enough to be used as a personal scent for magical means if that’s your preference. I think delicious is the word I would use. Also, they simply feel magical, a far cry from some of the inert feeling oils I have used in the past. One can simply tell upon opening that they were crafted by someone who knows what they are doing and puts the utmost of themselves into their creation.

I received bottles of Cut and Clear, Red Fast Luck, Road Opener, Crown of Success, and Fortune and Favor. Many of these fit with workings I had planned anyway so it was the perfect time to test them. I was able to test 4 of them fully. First off I used Fortune and Favor. This was by far my personal favorite. I first used it to anoint a candle in a Favor of Kings ritual I did in the day and hour of the sun to kick off the enchantment. After that I wore a dab of both Fortune and Favor and Crown of Success on my person daily, as well as putting in in strategic places on my desk and work place. I noticed a profound difference almost immediately. Not only did I notice people treating me with greater respect and reverence throughout the day, but the effect worked on myself as well as I felt as if I was radiating confidence at a visceral level. Thus I considered the rite a resounding success, and I continue to use them today.

Next I used Cut and Clear. I had an unfortunate situation with a co-worker that required I did my first binding in years. I used the oil, again anointed on the candle I used for the working and the co-worker has all but ceased bothering me or interacting with me negatively in any fashion. It worked quickly and completely, as I noticed to be the case with the previous oils.

I also had the opportunity to use Red Fast Luck on one occasion when quick luck was required. Lets just say my Will was done and all went according to plan that day. Would it of anyway? It’s hard to say, but the oil did appear to help matters go very smoothly in the best way possible.

I would recommend using these oils wholeheartedly. If I had to summarize one thing about my time working with these oils it would be that in all cases of my use they worked quickly and effectively.

Five pawprints out of five.

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  1. January 29, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Nice to know this Lupa! Thanks for this review!

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