Kiss of a Dark Moon – Sharie Kohler

Kiss of a Dark Moon
Sharie Kohler
Pocket Books, 2008
352 pages

Everyone needs brain candy, and paranormal romance novels make for syrupy sweetness…errr…yeah. Anyway. I just finished up with Kiss of a Dark Moon, and I am pleased to say it was a fun read by an author who can not only write steamy sex scenes, but is good with worldbuilding and plots as well.

Sharie Kohler revisits a reality where lycans–frightening shapeshifters who don’t take wolf form, but are badass all the same–prey on a general populace that is ignorant of their existence. The only ones who know better are those few who hunt them, and the focus of our story is Kit Marsh, a lone huntress with a real stubborn streak. What happens when a handsome rival hunter is sent to assassinate her? You can probably see where this is going, but there are some fun plot twists all the same.


I did really enjoy reading this book, especially the first half of it. The second half didn’t impress me so much, and can mainly be summed up as “Kit and Rafe the hunter fall in love, Kit is stubborn, Kit is still stubborn, Kit remains stubborn throughout being near-mortally wounded and having lots of sex, Kit is stubborn almost to the end of the main plot, tacked-on last chapter Kit and Rafe are older, married, with at least four children, all of whom are eager to be hunters just like Mom and Dad.

The first half of the book had a lot less sex in it, and this is where I think Kohler really shines. I think the sex scenes took up a lot of space that could have been put towards better development of the plotline, since the second half seemed kind of rushed in between the panting and passion. Honestly, if she hasn’t already done so under another name, Kohler should try her hand at the sci-fi/fantasy genre, where she wouldn’t be constrained by the need to add in so much smut to the plotline. While she’s skilled as a romance writer, she could potentially do some awesome things in a more plot-driven style.

Still, there’s also a market for romance with more to it than some hot ‘n heavy action, and if you happen to be a fan of such brain candy, try picking up Kiss of a Dark Moon. It’s one of the better paranormal romances I’ve read in a while, and I’m pretty picky!

Four pawprints out of five.

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