The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence – Storm Constantine

The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence: The Third Book of the Wraeththu Histories
Storm Constantine
Tor Books, 2006
464 pages

This book is one of the reasons why I love Storm Constantine’s work. She manages to take everything she built up in the first two books of the trilogy, and bring it all together. There’s no stretching the text or trying desperately to fill pages; the pacing is wonderful, and it’s a page turner right to the end.

And it gets complex! All the hints from the first book, as well as some from the original Wraeththu trilogy, are brought together here in a plot that’s more bizarre and fascinating than I’d imagined. Ancient angelic lore, occultism and interplanar travel are featured as Wraeththu work through a truly monumental period of growth in their history. The story is full of suspense, with an incredibly satisfying ending.

As is Constantine’s style, we get to see some really interesting sides of various characters; I was particularly surprised to see what happened to Ponclast in this book. She has a good sense of balance for switching from one set of characters to the next, not letting us go too long without checking on everyone.

This book really brought the trilogy together, and it’s going to be a favorite read of mine for years to come.

Five pawprints out of five.

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