Crone’s Moon – M.R. Sellars

Crone’s Moon: A Rowan Gant Investigation
M.R. Sellars
E.M.A. Mysteries, 2004
332 pages

I’ve really, really been enjoying this series! In this latest Rowan Gant book, Sellars opens the story with almost immediate action–a kidnapping, to which Rowan and his cop friend Ben are both witnesses.

This book is probably the best blend thus far of action and downtime. The pace is quick, and there are some new twists in the storyline. There are a couple of hints dropped about several of the characters, too, that I can’t wait to see develop further.

There’s more of the psychic activity, too, and exploration of the firsthand experiences of Rowan–and, this time, Felicity–as they both fall into the well of the Otherworld. The whole “Oh my gods, (insert name here), you almost died from reliving someone else’s death psychically!” thing is getting a little old, adn sometimes I admit I did sort of flip through a few sections just because I figured that whoever it was that was having the seizure would get pulled out by the other one. But Sellars does a good job of conveying the anxiety and the desperation of the characters as the story unfolds, and the insistent pull of the Otherworld. I am kind of hoping, though, that later books rely less on the psychic seizures as a plot thickener, as after a while they all start running together. I’d also like to see more focus on clues about the perps, as in the first book, rather than having everything hinge on the seizures.

Still, the story itself is great, and it was a real page-turner–I couldn’t put the book down as I neared the end, and stayed glued to the pages all the way through. I’ve already started “Love Is the Bond”, and it’s already pulling me in–I only tore myself away long enough to write this review!

Four pawprints out of five.

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