Power Animal Meditations – Nicki Scully

Power Animal Meditations: Shamanic Journeys With Your Spirit Allies
Nicki Scully
Bear & Company, 2001
280 pages

This book is an excellent pathworking tool. The meditations, aided by animals, plants and minerals, lead the reader through the psyche to repair and upgrade where needed. The journeys gentle and realistic, supportive of healing wounds but also not shirking the necessity of dealing with difficult areas. Rather than being a happy, feel-good piece of white light, it’s a series of well-balanced guided meditations that can be used by both beginning and advanced magical practitioners and lacks the saccharine feel of a lot of New Age texts.

The weaving in of the Egyptian pantheon is also well-done. Rather than creating a forced set of correspondences, the author allowed the deities (and other guides) to appear when they chose in her own pathworking for the book. The meditations themselves are quite open-ended. The guardian of the threshold, whom she visualizes as Thoth, may appear differently for different people, and while the environments may be described in great detail, the actual communication between the seeker and the guide is left to the fluidity of the seeker’s experiences.

I do wonder where she got certain bits of mythological information and wish there’d been some citations, adn there’s no bibliography. Still, considering that the book was originally published over a decade ago, it’s a bit more forgivable, as the practice of putting citations in esoteric non fiction is relatively new and still widely ignored these days. Still, given that the bulk of the book is based on the author’s own personal research through meditation, it’s more forgivable.

It’s an excellent tool for conscious evolution, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys animal imagery in their meditations.

Four and a half pawprints out of five.

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