Magical Creatures – Elizabeth Pepper (editor)

Magical Creatures
Elizabeth Pepper (editor)
The Witches’ Almanac, Ltd., 2000
96 pages

This is a collection of almanac entries on a number of animals from around the world, edited by the creator of the Witches’ Almanac. The variety is nice, rather than just being Big Impressive North American Mammals and Birds. Many, though not all, are “witchy” animals, associated with witchcraft lore. The writing is easy to read and conversational.

It’s not a particularly in-depth book because of its format. The essays are rather brief, and deal a lot with traditional folklore. There’s also not a lot of practical material. It’s basically a small totem animal dictionary, and so would be best for someone who wants to have several different sources to draw from when researching totemic and related traits.

As a collection of essays from the Almanac, it’s good. But as a standalone book, it’s really not worth the $12.00 cover price. There are more complete guides to be had for not much more than that.

Three pawprints out of five.

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