About Our Reviewers

To find out about Lupa, reviewer and administrator of Pagan Book Reviews, go here.

Amanda Fisher has been a dedicated reader for years, and loves both professional jewelry-making and hobby cooking- when she takes a break from reading. She is also plagued by an affiliation with corvids, which makes her spiritual life as a Pagan more complex than she feels it needs to be. The cats don’t help. she may be found online at http://afmetalsmith.etsy.com/.

Lady Anastasia is the co-creator of The Practical Pagans Blog Anthology. She is a Polytheistic Pagan with leanings toward animism and folk Shinto. She can be contacted through through twitter (@LadyAnastasia).

Covert is an eclectic Wicca-inspired Pagan who has been doing something Paganesque religiously for the past eight years. She can be found at http://phillypagan.tumblr.com/.

I go by the name of Devo around these parts, and I’m just your average Shinto practicing, FlameKeeping (in training!) Kemetic. Nothing out of the ordinary I started to learn about Pagan paths in my college years, and found myself in love with the Kemetic practice (the other two branches supplement my Kemetic practice). Most of the books I read relate to one of the branches of my path. I run The Twisted Rope over on WordPress and Tumblr. I work closely with both Set and Osiris for my Kemetic path, and I venerate Sarutahiko, the main Kami in the Tsubaki Jinja.

Hilde is a born singer, who enjoys reading, hiking, geocaching, and active meditation. You can find her regular book reviews at http://valhilde.blogspot.com/.

innowen is part Muse (writing, editing, and graphic design) and part Magic (eclectic paganism and tarot). She believes that magic is a path one walks on, as well as a tool to help explore the world we live in. Go to www.tarotinspiredlife.com to learn more about her.

Micheal is a certified life coach, reiki master, shamanic practitioner, eclectic pagan with an interest in tarot, healing, Traditional witchcraft and the Cabot tradition of witchcraft. He may be reached via Twitter @mike579 or www.mikeswellnesscoaching.com.

Nicky has been Pagan since 1999 and has been practicing Druidry since 2003. When she gets a little money, she buys books. She can be found at Twitter @Writer_Mama_Nic.

Seleh is new to this writing gig but she’s been on the pagan path for a few years. She enjoys reading books to expand her knowledge and investigating tidepools along the shoreline.

Ser/Ket is a pantheist and has been studying earth-centered religions since the late 90s. They can be found randomly around the web, including https://www.goodreads.com/KetDusky and on Twitter as @KetDusky.

Jasmine Simone has been practicing various forms of paganism and witchcraft for 15 years, and buys tarot decks instead of food. Her blog is http://blog.hellboundwitch.com.

Skyllaros is a practicing Sorcerer with an interest in Revival Druidry, Witchcraft, and Ceremonial magic. He blogs at The Crossroads Companion at http://bloodandbone.wordpress.com/.

Uloboridae has been an exploratory pagan since 2004, focusing on historical Eurasian paganism and mixing that with her Ecology background. Her thoughts can be found at http://motherdanube.wordpress.com/.


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